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We all know the heat can be unbearable and your car’s A/C system allows for a much more comfortable driving experience, especially on hot Lake Jackson Texas summer days.

Discover Expert Tips To Maintain Air Conditioning In Cars And Saving Money

Find The Best Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair Shop That Offers A Free Auto AC Check Service

At Autocare Pro’s we provide car A/C and car air conditioning repair and services for most makes and models of cars and light-duty trucks. We also offer a free auto AC check service to help keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system blowing cold instead of just blowing cool or warm.

Taking your car to a professional automotive expert like Autocare Pro’s will also give you peace of mind knowing that only the necessary parts to fix your car’s AC system will be serviced or repaired. Car A/C repair is crucial to address issues such as refrigerant levels, potential leaks, and failing parts.

Whether your a/c compressor has failed in your car or you simply need a refrigerant recharge service we provide the ac services your car needs.

What Makes Up A Car’s Air Conditioning System?

Your car’s air conditioning system consists of five major parts all working together to produce cold air for you and your passengers.

Maintaining a closed system is crucial for optimal performance and to prevent issues like refrigerant contamination, leaks, or system pressure changes.

The compressor is the heart; it sends refrigerant into a condenser, which releases heat from the gas in order for it to turn back into liquid form.

This process lowers the refrigerant pressure, so an orifice tube helps release this excess amount of high-pressure air that would otherwise cause problems for other components like hoses if not released carefully.

Next up: Your receiver dryer or accumulator stores any leftover oil after getting cooled off by passing over those two previous pieces while also helping reduce chances for leaks!

Lastly, there’s one more important part—the expansion valve. The expansion valve reduces the refrigerant’s pressure by heating it up, letting out the gas into your auto ac system’s evaporator where it is cooled off and then pumped to heat inside air passing through the vents before being sent back into the auto ac compressor that’s now ready to repeat this process over and over again!

If you’d like to find out more information about auto ac services or ac repair, schedule a visit at Autocare Pro’s Auto Repair and Maintenance Services near you where we offer auto air conditioning service or repair for all makes and models of a car and light-duty trucks, and don’t forget to ask about our free vehicle ac check services.

What You Need To Know BEFORE Recharging The Air Conditioner In Your Car Yourself

If you’re thinking about auto AC resealing or auto air condition recharge on your own, it’s important to know that these are two different services and should not be confused with each other.

Recharging is when you add more refrigerant to your auto AC system while resealing takes place when you replace old parts of your auto AC system. However, topping off refrigerant levels without removing the old refrigerant can lead to issues with system pressures and overall performance.

Recharging auto AC is usually done on auto AC systems that are functioning properly, but just need a boost in the refrigerant to keep them in check.

Resealing A/C repair is most often performed when auto AC parts have been broken or damaged like leaky hoses or faulty auto AC compressors and they need to be replaced.

Both auto AC recharge and repair need to be performed by auto AC experts so you can avoid mistakes that could end up costing more in the long run or even causing permanent damage to your auto AC system. A performance check is crucial before recharging or resealing to identify the root cause of any A/C issues.

We have repaired numerous systems because of being overcharged with refrigerant or refrigerant oil.

What Is The A/C Compressor?

The compressor is one of the most important parts of your car, responsible for cooling your air.

It’s an electrically operated device that senses temperature changes and keeps it regulated by turning on and off as needed to cool down or warm up depending upon what you set the climate control system to.

The serpentine belt which winds under your hood powers this component, since compressors are usually not strong enough to power themselves!

Noticing the signs of compressor problems that need to have service is an important part of car maintenance.

There are many ways you may notice your vehicle’s need for auto air conditioning service: warm air blowing from the vents, oil or refrigerant leaks, noise, and erratic operation all indicate wear on the compressor.

Auto Air Conditioning Leak Detection Service
Auto Air Conditioning Leak Detection Service in Lake Jackson, TX 77566

A refrigerant leak can lead to yucky air conditioner smells, lack of pressure, or no air blowing at all, and it has environmental and vehicle damage implications.

Auto Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak Detection Service

Autocare Pro’s local Lake Jackson shop can inspect it with special dyes that leave a trail behind them as they move through any opening in order to detect even small amounts of refrigerant leakage from cars under high-pressure conditions such as those found when driving down long stretches at freeway speeds.

We have skills beyond what just about anyone else has!

So if your car’s air conditioner needs an AC repair or services please give us a call, and we will have your car air blowing cold quickly. If you notice warm air blowing, it could be a sign of a potential refrigerant leak and a problem that needs quick A/C performance check and repair to ensure staying cool and prevent further damage.

What Is The Purpose Of An A/C Condenser?

An A/C condenser is a mini radiator found in front of the vehicle’s radiator. It turns hot refrigerant gasses into liquid, reducing its temperature and pressure before moving to the A/C Dryer.

Signs of a worn condenser: leaks, clogged or corroded fins and tubes, poor air conditioning performance, and hot air blowing from the vents. It’s crucial to prepare your A/C system for the summer heat to ensure it functions properly when temperatures rise.

What Does An Accumulator Or Receiver Dryer Do For Your Vehicle?

The receiver dryer is the safety net responsible for trapping all harmful debris, moisture, and liquids from reaching your A/C compressor within the vehicle’s system. It can also help improve airflow in case of backpressure situations.

The receiver/dryer is crucial to the A/C because it separates gas and liquid. The dryers are designed with a desiccant filter that prevents moisture from entering your automotive compressor, which can destroy your entire system if not contained. It also filters out any contaminants for better performance of all AC parts in the long run!

An accumulator is similar to a receiver-dryer but is only found on vehicles with an orifice tube. If you have an accumulator, that means you don’t have a thermal expansion valve.

When you experience poor air conditioner performance, having moisture on your windows, or the defroster not being able to remove it from them. It is time for a new receiver/dryer as long as there have been no previous repairs done that have caused this damage and if a technician agrees with these symptoms.

So when should you replace the receiver dryer or accumulator?

  • Whenever the A/C system is opened to outside air, the accumulator or dryer will need to be replaced.
  • If a qualified technician finds the accumulator has been contaminated with moisture or debris, it will need to be replaced.

What Is The Purpose Of The Orfice Tube or Thermal Expansion Valve?

The orifice tube, commonly known as the thermal expansion valve is a must-have component in any operating air conditioning unit because it monitors pressure and temperature to determine how much refrigerant can enter your evaporator. This task cannot be performed by just one part of the automotive A/C – that’s why there are three components together: condenser, compressor, and heat exchanger (or receiver). An orifice tube may also contain a fine mesh screen to block contaminants from entering into other parts of your AC.

With the hot Texas weather, it’s important to keep your air conditioner in perfect working order. If too much or not enough refrigerant enters an evaporator, you could be looking at a big problem! The proper function of any thermodynamic valve is crucial for successful operation. When signs that these parts have become dirty are present (poor A/C performance), they must be replaced ASAP before costly damage sets into place.

What Is The Purpose Of An Evaporator Core?

You should now be feeling the chill of cold airflow thanks to your evaporator.

The last and most important step before this cool, refreshing breeze can hit you is the evaporator located right behind your dash. The evaporating process utilizes a chilling refrigerant that absorbs heat from inside the automotive compartment in order to drop its temperature down below zero degrees Fahrenheit – just enough for it to begin providing that anticipated blast of chilly relief we’ve all come to know as “a/c.”

Symptoms of a worn evaporator:

  • Poor A/C performance
  • Warm air blowing from the vents, indicating a potential refrigerant leak
  • A musty, mildew smell coming from the automotive vents.

The heat is only getting worse, but Autocare Pro’s has your back. Set up a service appointment near you today and we’ll keep you cold all summer long.

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